Peter Emerson bought the building located at 205 East Main St. in Brenham Texas in late 1999. He spent the next few years renovating it into what we know now as Peter Emerson Silversmith Shop.

Some early history on the building dates back to 1876 when the burning of Brenham took place. After the burning of the commercial buildings several water cisterns were built in the area to collect rain water to fight fires, this building happens to have one of the 27 located in Downtown Brenham.

In the early 1910s-1950s The Rex Theater operated in this location as the first segregated movie theater seating 395 patrons. During renovations Peter decided to keep some of the

mural from the Rex theater which can be seen at the front of the shop next to the window, also in the back of the building the unique circular windows once operated as fans for the theater.

In the 1980s-1990s the building operated

as the famous Gatti's Pizza. After the closing of Gatti's Peter bought, renovated and, opened the shop in 2001. The upstairs is also being renovated into an upcoming Bed & Bath opening in late 2017 and will feature 2 lofts with +/-1600 sq ft.

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